Origins Sports


Envisioned as a guiding light for academic institutions, this endeavor seeks to empower colleges and centers of Further Education and Training in their quest to build thriving sports programs. With the collegiate sports league as a beacon, institutions can engage in spirited competition within a framework of well-executed and enjoyable sports programs


  • Assist institutions in developing and running a sustainable sports program.
  • Promote branding and visibility for institutions
  • Provide institutions and students with a structured platform to compete against their peers
  • Enhance and complement the student wellness program at institutions


Origins Sports will plan and coordinate all collegiate league activities. over the years we have built relationships with private and government institutions which enable the execution of all aspects of the collegiate sports league.


The collegiate sports league presents a unique opportunity for your institution to strengthen relationships with current and prospective partners through sports.


The collegiate sports league will run biweekly at various venues in Gauteng. consideration will be made for exam preparations and school holidays. In total, the league will take place over 14 weeks. Games will be played on Saturday’s or Sundays.


We firmly believe that the Collegiate League Program presents an exceptional opportunity for educational institutions to establish a robust foundation for their sports and wellness programs. This initiative will enable institutions to provide a more structured and sustainable sports and wellness program for their students.